Hello there...

My name is Becca Jayne (as you might have guessed from the title page) and I'm a blogger and writer from South Wales, United Kingdom! I'm twenty three, an avid reader, playlist maker and cat lover. You'll catch me hoarding anything Autumnal and glittery. Whilst I might appear hugely optimistic and extroverted, I'm a huge introvert. Cozy, indoors are my thing. So you won't see too many adventures of scaling the great outdoors here.
I've been running a YA Book Blog for just over 6 years now and decided to branch out earlier this year into a separate project to help boost fellow new bloggers and creative souls like me. 
This blog will be lifestyle, how-to's, recipes, hauls, freebies, HTML tips and more. I've been gathering enough to put this little blog together and really hope you'll love it.

BeccaJayne.com has officially launched in September, 2018. 

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