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. Wednesday, 16 January 2019 .
Hello there lovely Bloggers and Creators! I hope you are having the best January! I recently just made myself some new Instagram Story Covers and whilst in the middle of designing them, I came across a lot of people who really wanted to have some cool covers but didn't quite know how to make them. There are a ton of tutorials out there on the how to's but not a lot of freebies. And since it's a New Year and I'm in the giving mood, I thought I'd share:

16 Free Instagram Story Covers!

The covers are a nude-pink aesthetic and feature a variety of icons on a cool, modern background. You can use these on your Instagram page for your story covers, but not for any commercial use and/or make money from them. In this little how-to, I'll tell you how to apply them and save/download them from my DropBox Folder.
Step 1:
Download the icons from this link. Simply save the folder using the download button and download the folder to your computer. From there, you can right click and extract the icons and the images will appear. Save these images to your camera roll on your phone.
Step 2: 
Go to the Instagram Highlight you want to edit first. Say, QUOTES. You'll click "Edit Highlight" from here.

When you click "Edit Highlight" you'll get an option to "Edit Cover". Select the option.

From the images I provided that you've saved to your camera roll, select the one you want for the Highlight. Click "Done".

Repeat until you've covered all your highlights! Now you have new Instagram Story Covers!

I hope you've loved this! Let me know what other things you'd love to see!

happy creating!

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. Tuesday, 1 January 2019 .

Hello everyone! And a very happy January to you! To kick off the new year, I've made a stunning little colourful wallpaper for you to all enjoy on your desktop/laptops! This is a minimalist-yet-colourful take on a clean-line wallpaper that'll set off your computer with a chic touch. 
January 2019 Wallpaper Download here
As always, my wallpapers are free for personal use on any of your devices! But please do not use these wallpapers commercially or for any profit. Thank you!

  • To install, simply click the download link above and press "Download" or "Save"
  • When it's saved to your computer, click on the image and open it. For Windows users, simply click in the upper right hand side and select "Set as wallpaper"
  • And you're done!
Enjoy and let me know if you have any requests this month!
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. Saturday, 22 December 2018 .

So, it's almost the New Year and so close to Christmas, that I decided to share a little freebie before I sign off for the year! I've been thinking about making iPhone wallpapers for so long, but I've always felt like they needed extra time to make "sets" that you can use together, for your Lock Screen and Home Screen that match.
My first Freebie Wallpaper is Stars themed with pink/white colours and a cute minimalist touch.

Click to download:

As always, the copyright for these images stays with me. These may be used for your own personal use on endless devices, but not for commercial gain. Thank you!

Merry Christmas from me to you! And a very happy and magical New Year!

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. Friday, 9 November 2018 .

Sometimes when you're trying to get noticed as a new blogger, it can be really hard.
And with sites like LinkTree, customizing your social media links for free can be difficult to show your personality and style. So if you're after a total customization and a free way to jazz up your social media links to put in your Social Media bios with all your social links, read on!

Step One:

Make a new project file in your image making program of choice. You all know by now my favourite is Affinity Designer, a one-off payment editor with vast skills alike Photoshop. Start by file > new > and enter your custom dimensions. For this project, mine are 650 x 87. You can further alter their size in your blogger dashboard if they need tweaking afterwards. 

I've made my background a solid black colour and added INSTAGRAM in white text using a free font called Poppins. You can use any font you'd like, making sure it's readable and clear to your blog readers. Once you've made a design that you're happy with, added icons (if you want) or overlay a colour, etc, you can export/save it as a .PNG file. For this tutorial, there's no need to upload your image to an image hosting site. This will all be done in your blogger HTML post. 

Step Two:

Start a new page by going to your Dashboard > Pages > New. Title the page something like Links or Social Media and then making sure you're in Compose mode, click the Insert Image link that looks like a little picture. 

Add your image into your New Page and center your image in the middle of the page. Click your image and then select the "Link" option on the bar. Add the link to your selected social media, e.g. Instagram or Twitter, and click OK. 
You can continue to add more social media images the same way using the same style and centering them all in an image block one after each other. 

Step Three:

To make the short link, like the picture below, go to Bitly, a free site for shortening links. Once you've signed up, you can create a shortened link. Because mine is for my Bookstagram account, I've called it simply beccalinks. This will take you to my new Blog Page with all my images that we've made above. Bitly is very accessible and easy to use making short links and viewing stats for it. And because we've customized the buttons ourselves, it's totally changeable and suits your personality.

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful! Do let me know what buttons you create! I'll be launching some graphics soon that you'll love as freebies to help your blogging journey.

happy blogging!
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. Thursday, 8 November 2018 .

When I first started out Blogging, I had no idea where to start when it came to making graphics. Although my creativity was growing and my skills developing, I still needed a little nudge in the right direction. So, years later, armed with tons of knowledge and newfound skills, hints and tips, I'm here to share with you my first tutorial here! 

How To Add a Blog Signature (and how to make one) no skills required!

The basis of making a blog signature is having a blog. So whatever platform you're on, I'll try and get you covered below. First, you'll need a snazzy new Blog Signature to put on your blog. If you already have one of these, feel free to skip on down to Step 2 (below) and continue on.

Whether you have Photoshop or make your graphics with a free online maker, you'll want to make sure your blog signature is the size you'll want it in your posts. Making a huge picture means you'll have to resize it later on. If you're comfortable with altering HTML, feel free to make your signature larger and resize with some CSS.
I make my graphics with Affinity Designer, a paid tool/software that allows me to create endless designs with a one-off payment. Photoshop is another alternative, which you have to pay for monthly/annually. If you're looking for easy, free and no-obligations designs, you can make graphics with Ribbet, Canva and even Paint.
I'll be showing you how to make it with a free and paid option so you get the idea of both. 

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration & Begin
I'm going with an artsy-feel for my blog signature in this demo. I'll pretend my name is, for example, Candice. And she's a, say, Lifestyle and Home blogger who loves the colours blue and grey. So, taking these examples, I can create something unique that fits the personality of the blog and person.
Starting with File > New > and entering 500 x 200, you'll get an image that looks like below. I'm then taking the paint tool with the watercolour swatch and making a blue-grey strike across. This will be the base for our text to overlap.

Using a free option, you'll want to create a blank canvas with the same dimensions (500 x 200) and creating a similar option by using the free tools. You can find paint swatches on Etsy if you want to build your own, and even some free options on Pinterest. I've created the paint swatch below using Affinity Designer and the painter tool to create a nice background for my text. Alternatively, you can just use text without any background and use clipart to spice up the text.

If you're after some free commercial use or personal fonts to use in your signature, check out my post for a collection of FREE FONTS!

Step 2: Apply it to your blog
For this tutorial, I'll be showing you with the most popular platform for new bloggers (and experienced) which is Blogger. 
With Blogger, you'll want to go into your dashboard to start. From there, click on Settings on the left hand side. Then you want to click on the option "Posts, Comments & Sharing" and at the top you'll see a little line called Post Template. This is where you'll want your new signature. First you'll need to upload your signature to an image hosting website like Photobucket or my personal favourite, Vgy. It's completely free and hosts all my images here. From there, if you upload your image, you're given the choice of different links. You want to choose the link that says Direct URL on the right hand side

Once you have your Direct URL, you can start to build your signature. Below is the code you'll need:

<img class="left" alt="post signature" src="PASTE YOUR URL HERE"></center>

In the part where I have written post your URL here, put your Direct URL link there and paste the entire code to your Post Template in your blogger settings. Click Save and you are done! 

Now, whenever you begin a new post, your new signature will always be in your post template as you start! This means it's super easy to change and move and alter as you grow your blogging platform and it's easy to switch up when you want to change fonts/designs!

happy blogging!
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. .

Well, hello there!

It's great to be back sharing some more freebies with you all! I know how vital and important branding is to Bloggers and creative souls. And there's nothing worse than not being able to find the things you need the most, like fonts and graphics. Whilst I currently am in the works of making some graphics, I thought I'd share with you some free fonts for personal and commercial use that I found along the way. 

To explain, if you aren't familiar with the aspect of "personal" and "commercial use": personal use fonts can be used by yourself, in projects online/etc that you make no profit from. If you want to make a profit from a project, you must use a commercial use font. Whenever I'm making a project, I'm 90% of the time using a commercial use font because then it's all covered. But if you're just having fun online and making little things for yourself with no profit involved, personal use is fine for you.

Personal Use Fonts:


Commercial Use Fonts:

To install, simply follow the links above and download. Once you've downloaded your new font, unzip it and install to your computer! Super simple, and you're set! 
I hope these gorgeous fonts make your new blogging journey thrive! Please do send me anything you make with these! I love to see new graphics and how you're branding yourselves!
happy blogging!
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. Saturday, 15 September 2018 .

Happy Fall/Autumn and a huge hello to everyone reading the very first post on! I'm kicking off my new creative little outlet with a freebie in the form of September Wallpapers for your desktop and phone! Perfect for the new season and for getting your autumnal fix.

Simple rules for downloading:
- No-commercial use of these images (copyright remains with me)
- No re-sharing on your own website as a freebie
- Please don't remove the watermarked icon of my website
- Enjoy!

Desktop Wallpaper: Download Here

iPhone Wallpaper: Download Here

I hope you enjoy using these cute autumnal wallpapers this month! Please let me know if you decide to use them and take lots of snaps! You can tweet me at @LittleMemoirs with your creative ways you use these cute designs!